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Since it was suggested that I put up a donations page, here it is. Right now, I'm looking at getting some books to help me with nvtrans. These books aren't cheap, so any and all donations to aid the cause will be gratefully accepted. Once all the items are bought, all further donations will be used to purchase more test hardware for nvtrans testing (PCI nVidia cards).

I am looking to get the following items:

Also, if you are feeling particularly generous, you can simply purchase me one of these books by using my wishlist at either or There are other items in there too that I listed so I don't lose track of them, feel free to buy me them too if you feel like it. :)

The easiest way to make donations is via PayPal using the button below.

Total donations so far: $5.00US (1 donation). Thanks to all who have donated.

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